Card Games

Magic the Gathering is played here! The long-running collectible card game serves
approximately 20-million players and Showcase Comics and Hobbies tries to welcome them all. Well, as many as we can fit! There are shelves full of booster packs and binders packed with single cards and staff that are as excited about the game as any players.
From pre-release events to weekly tournaments, everyone is welcome to play Magic the
Gathering here. Whether you play Standard, Modern, Commander or are just starting up with friends, you can feel safe to do so at Showcase Comics and Hobbies.
It’s not all Magic, however. We also carry Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragonball Super and many more trading card games. We have the latest like Star Wars Destiny and the Fantasy Flight card game, to Netrunner, Game of Thrones and The Arkham Horror card game.
Whatever is in the cards, Showcase Comics has your game.

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