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2019-02-26 18:30 - 22:00
Showcase Comics And Hobbies
Phone:(403) 328-0123
Address: 1271 3 Ave S Lethbridge, AB

Let’s begin the new year with humble beginnings and start a Journeyman League for Warmachine and Hordes!

Players new and old are welcome to join in and a have a fun time learning the game, growing your army and being encouraged to paint your models.

Ever walked by, saw all the cool models and wanted to join in on the fun? Well now is the perfect time to join in.

A Journeyman League is where all participants start off with a battle box and grow their army week by week, eventually culminating in a full 75 point list.

Painting your models is encouraged and rewarded, as prizes will be given out not only for having the most wins in the league but also by having the best painted model. Get creative with your style and do your best!

After six weeks the league will culminate in a final one day tournament to with prizes for first, second and third as well as best painted army.

Come on and sign up to fight for your faction in the Iron Kingdoms! *Punch a werewolf in the face today!

*showcasecomicsandhobbies does not specifically endorse violence on werekind and all such statements are made solely by the individual and do not represent the company. Be kind to the trees for the are always watching.

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